About "Just The Crystals"

Just $19.99 shipped in two bags per box (total 8.8lbs). Includes free shipping for Amazon Prime members or with qualifying SuperSaver purchase

Just $19.99 shipped in two bags per box (total 8.8lbs). Includes free shipping for Amazon Prime members or with qualifying SuperSaver purchase

There is a broad range of quality in the various crystal litters available on the market today. Some, while good, are really over-priced. And the cheap brands often provide less than optimal performance.  Just the Crystals brand was first developed in 2009 through extensive testing, as we had found that some cheaper “bargain” crystals were dusty, didn't absorb well or eliminate odor and just didn’t last very long. Our premium crystals have the highest measured absorbency rate on the market (measured in ml/gm) and are very low in dust.

Just the Crystals was specifically developed to fill a need for a premium crystal litter that is conveniently packaged, fragrance free, absorbs well — and that still provides a good value.

While many of our customers have reported being able to go around 30 days from one bag of Just the Crystals (4.4lbs), due to the wide variation in cat sizes, habits, diets and the environment of the litter box we make no specific claims about how long our litter will last. We want to be honest and realistic with you.

If you follow our suggested tips your litter will last significantly longer (no matter what brand you choose — ours or theirs).

Unlike virtually all the other crystal litter manufacturers on the market today, we are also cat owners and have worked closely with our factory, and performed extensive testing to find just the right blend for Just the Crystals to make something that offered optimal performance. When used in conjunction with the tips mentioned here at our website, we believe this is the best overall value available on the market today, especially when combined with the ability to get free shipping from Amazon. Further, with all of our products we do our absolute best to be friendly to our planet, so Just the Crystals are packaged in fully recyclable plastic bags. We are firm believers in the old motto — “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle” and practice what we preach!

How Crystal Litter Works

Crystal litter (silica gel) is a relatively new product whose primary benefit is super odor control an high absorbency.  It is composed of silica sand (SiO2), one of the most abundant substances in nature. Through processing, this sand is converted into crystals that contain millions of microscopic pores, which absorb cat urine and then exhale moisture (“off-gas”).   This advanced technology provides the greatest odor control of any type of litter. The crystals also pull moisture from feces (called “desiccating”) which further minimizes odor.  It is becoming the favorite among those with smaller living quarters, such as apartments or townhomes, because of its very superior odor control.

Features & Benefits:
Superior odor control - Most types of litter claim this, but none can match crystals
Non-toxic to pets and children
Less landfill waste - not only is crystal litter biodegradable, but on average you use 5 times less
Comparable price to clumping litter on a monthly basis as you use so much less
Contains no crystalline silica (which is present in clay litters and may be carcinogenic to cats)
Crystal litter DOES NOT CLUMP - it is completely different from traditional clay litters. Absorption happens similar to a sponge soaking up the urine. The urine remains in the crystal (“sponge”) unchanged, while (if exposed to air circulation) the water vapor evaporates from the sponge. Adsorption is a chemical interaction whereby an alteration of physical properties occurs. Silica crystals adsorb urine and its odor until a saturation point occurs, at which time the litter should be changed. This adsorption process also kills bacteria.

Crystal Litter Product Safety

Unused cat litter is completely safe for cats and for handling by humans. However pregnant women and immunosuppressed persons should avoid handling used cat litter as cat feces can sometimes transmit Toxoplasmosis, an illness characterized by cold or flu-like symptoms.  Please always wash hands after handling used cat litter!

For further information, please consult your doctor.

Safe for cats

Commercially available crystal cat litters have been extensively tested and are safe for your cat. Its basic chemical makeup can be closely compared to sand. The industrial name for it is silica gel, which is non-crystalline, porous and a safe substance most commonly used to absorb excess moisture in flowers and food or to protect materials such as leather or computer equipment from humidity.